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*Eligibility criteria for a complimentary pass states that a “drug developer” or “researcher” must have a pipeline candidate and/or work for an academic institution, and must not provide solutions or services for a fee to any other company. All bookings under the drug developer/researcher category are subject to organiser approval.

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Please note that credit card details will be taken upon registration and a nominal-fee of $0.50 charged. Hanson Wade reserves the right to charge “free-access” guests who do not attend the entirety of the reserved event a non-refundable charge of $100 if they fail to give 7 working days’ notice of non-attendance.

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*To qualify for group discounts, all passes must be purchased at the same time. Group discounts will automatically be applied at checkout if registering online. A customer service representative will be in touch within one working day to confirm your registration. Contact our delegate acquisitions representatives directly if you have any questions about group discounts. Full T&Cs apply.