Want to Become the Go-To Provider to Aid Drug Developers in their Mission to Expedite Regulatory Approvals and get Better Drugs to Patients, Sooner?

As the industry achieves breakthrough developments in new companion diagnostics, regulatory approval remains a significant bottleneck, hindering patients' access to groundbreaking drugs. The World CDx Regulatory Affairs & Policy Summit offers a unique opportunity to connect with biopharma companies during a critical juncture, when their enthusiasm for collaboration with CDx developers, manufacturers, consultants, and other relevant service providers is high, aiming to forge partnerships that will expedite and facilitate seamless regulatory approvals.

Top Three Reasons to Partner:

Generate New Business Leads:
Secure valuable face time with key decision-makers through our innovative speed networking sessions and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings. These interactions are designed to accelerate your business's growth and foster fruitful partnerships.

Earn Trust with Drug Developers:
Position yourself as an essential partner for success by presenting on the main agenda. At a time where choosing the right partner is fundamental for the success of a CDx, this is your time to gain trust and confidence of influential drug developers, paving the way for business development opportunities.

Build Unwavering Brand Awareness:
Elevate your market share and brand recognition by leveraging strategic pre-conference and on-site advertising. Amplify your presence to the CDx developer community, ensuring maximum exposure and influence that solidifies your position and impact in the market.

Hear Why This Year’s Speakers Are Excited for the Conference:

“I am looking forward to a deep-dive into the recent developments in the global CDx regulatory landscape and to brainstorming ways to collaborate to develop streamlined processes across the regions to bring novel precision medicines to patients faster.”

Speaker, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Pfizer