Welcome to the World CDx Regulatory Affairs & Policy Summit!

In the complex CDx regulatory landscape, industry leaders like Merck and Daiichi Sankyo are using innovative strategies to accelerate clinical trials and secure faster approvals. The World CDx Regulatory Affairs & Policy Summit uniquely brings together global stakeholders to expedite patient access to safe and effective companion diagnostic tests.

This pivotal summit is crafted for professionals dedicated to advancing CDx. It offers a platform to fast-track submission processes, align CDx development with approval timelines, and achieve success in international markets with well-planned reimbursement strategies. Engage with top thought-leaders and help shape the future by delivering more effective treatments to those in need. This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in CDx.

Featuring presentations from top experts on cutting-edge strategies and developments, and guided by senior decision-makers, this summit in June is an essential convergence point for those aiming to streamline the development and approval of diagnostic kits. Join us for a transformative experience that will advance the field of companion diagnostics.